Lodz | Poland

Fashion House

A modernist concept of a fashion house located on one of the busiest streets in Lodz. The project assumed optimal use of the plot footprint with a functional division at the level of 75% of the production and warehouse zone and 25% of representative rooms such as a showroom and offices located on the first floor. The building is designed using a post-reinforced concrete structure. The core of the building is formed by a longitudinal corridor connecting all rooms and functional zones, giving the possibility of free communication.


The façades of the building were covered with EQUITONE fibre cement cladding where the representative parts of the building were complemented with large glazing, providing bright spaces. The warehouse and production space have been provided with natural lighting using skylights, meeting the minimum ratio of 1/8 for rooms designed to accommodate people. The project also included a full development in terms of fire protection requirements for classes ZLIII and PM with a fire load of Qd <500 MJ / m2 determined based on the purpose of the building.

Date | 2016

Area | 1500 sqm

Use | Commercial

Status | Conceptual Design Project - B.Arch