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Francis Grove is a new-build, located in the vicinity of Wimbledon Station with a total area of 9,200 sqm, mainly of office use extended across 10 floors plus 2 basement levels. The ground floor contains a mezzanine, part of which is used as the public area. Besides that, in the basement, there are showers, cycle storage, and a gym, easily accessible from the street via a powered ‘Cycle Escalator’. The project has received planning permission however since then, further works have been suspended.


One of the most important key points of this design is to achieve an all-electric building able to fully exploit the statutory decarbonization of the UK Grid by 2030 - with long-term Circular Economy principles in mind from the outset. In addition, taking into account the pandemic impact on architecture, work was carried out in consideration of the post-covid improvements that will allow the space to adapt to the most difficult social circumstances that may occur in the future.


The project provides mainly column-free spaces based on a 1.5m grid for the most ergonomic functioning, however, at the same time, it opens the way to the variation of other adaptations throughout the building cycle. Natural light is available from at least two sides of each floor. There are also new greeneries provided on the roof as well as terraces. The façade of the building is predominantly made of brick and is designed to uphold the character and architectural traditions of Wimbledon.

London | UK               
Francis Grove 






Kingston FG

9,200 sqm


Commercial Office

Planning Approved

* providing design services for MATT Architecture

  on RIBA Stages 1-3

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