GF Corp

One of many projects that Piotr was involved in during his work at CoBouw Polska. It is an original concept of a warehouse and production building with an office building on the request of GF Corp, a company that provides services and supplies in the broadly understood field of Airsoft.


The production and storage part has been designed in a steel structure based on a 6x25m grid to achieve the most economical and ergonomic solution. Elevation is covered with a sandwich panel and equipped with skylights providing natural light.


The office building design was based on inspiration taken from the military, specifically on the analysis of the Nighthawk plane structure. The entire building in its form represents the moment of a take-off of the plane. The use of the red colour refers to the company's brand colours, and it is intended to emphasize the front part of the entire facility. A large glazing façade gives access to natural light in all corners of the office spaces, creating a spacious, representative two-story entrance hall. The building was designed in a reinforced concrete structure.

Date | 2016

Client | GF Corp

Area | 5.000+1.000 spm

Use | Production and storage hall with social and office building

Status | Conceptual Design Project

Role | Concept Architect - CoBouw Polska

Scope of Work | RIBA (Stage 1-2)