Lodz | Poland


Piotr was an organizer of an exhibition of artworks created as part of Professor Gabriel Kolat's author's Concept Art course. The leitmotif of all the exhibits was to capture the contrast between aged architecture and modern man, a close encounter of history with the social changes of the 21st century. It was a message expressed from own perception of the world through the poster technique. Each author was supposed to use his own self-portrait to tell his own story.


Piotr displayed two of his works, in which he tries to capture the terrifying sound of a hollow scream, piercing silence, that is eating us alive, but it is imperceptible by society, and the architecture act as a resonance box, magnifying the pain of emptiness. People lose themselves in their own bubbles, isolating from the world around them and losing in their existence.


“A horrid stillness first invades the ear,

And in that silence we the tempest fear.”

John Dryden, Astræa Redux, line 7.

Date | 2017

Status | Graphic Design / Exhibition - Completed

Role | The exhibition organiser and an author of included artworks

Location | Biblio-Art Gallery, Lodz, Poland