Lodz | Poland

"Not Bad Art from The Archway"

At the request of the Piotrkowska Street Foundation, Piotr organized an art exhibition entitled "The Not Bad Art from The Archway” which was an element accompanying The Festivities of Piotrkowska Street, the main pedestrian street in the city of Lodz. Among others, The Architect of The City of Lodz, The President and Co-founder of the Piotrkowska Street Foundation, The Dean of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering Department at the Lodz University of Technology, The Vice-president of The City of Tomaszow, as well as directors of nearby schools were participants of the event.


The ceremony was to promote young artists and draw attention to the architectural characteristics of Lodz yards. The proposed installation used its infrastructure and emphasized architectural details at an incredibly, proving that art can be celebrated without huge budgets. Piotr also displayed his artworks where he tries to capture the unique expression of a “dry” brush in the pencil technique drawings. The whole ceremony was enriched with an artistic performance by the young aspiring dramatic actress Klaudia Koscista.

Date | 2015

Client | Foundation of The Piotrkowska Street

Status | Hand Drawing / Exhibition - Completed

Role | The exhibition organiser and an author of included artworks

Location | Piotrkowska Street 102, Lodz, Poland