The Clack

The Clack is a project of a virtual environment for a computer game based on interpretations of Terry Pratchett’s fantasy novel “Going Postal”. The essential aim of the design was to develop an architectural form of visual telegraph system towers known as “clacks”, inspired by the detailed description of the author.


The main idea was the use of reverse gravity that contradicts our beliefs derived from cognitive perception. The structure of stone blocks gives a sense of stability, but its arrangement contradicts it. The "wind catchers" described by the author were presented as metal cones, levitating almost like floating glaciers in the ocean, attached with ropes to the main structure using metal pins driven into a monolithic rock. The light signals are sent by wooden cubes floating on beams of light facing in all directions of the world. The tower was equipped with a maintenance system in the form of ladders/steps hollowed in the rock and a trolley fixed on a sheave at the top of the structure.

Date | 2015-2016

Status | Computer Games Environment Project - B.Arch