Portugal & Poland


During an Erasmus Exchange and as the President of “Detail” Students’ Scientific Association at the Lodz University of Technology, Piotr initiated and coordinated the international exhibition in cooperation with the ESN branch in Castelo Branco. The event took place simultaneously in Castelo Branco, Portugal and Lodz, Poland, and it was broadcast live between both locations. The leitmotif of the exhibition proposed by Piotr was “Youthfulness”. Each of the young artists invited to participate was to prepare their works in the form of a poster that reflected their own perception of their youth in any technique they chose.


Each work showed youth interpreted through the eyes of completely different people, in terms of upbringing, culture, experiences, design approach, school, nationality and religion, but at the same time connected with each other by interests, age, willingness to act and, to some extent, the chosen life path. The aim of the exhibition was to show these differences based on one fundamental common feature, which is youth. Everyone has experienced it or is constantly experiencing it. As the proverb says: "A man is as old as he feels". The exhibition provided an amazing opportunity for dialogue and confrontation of other cultures as well as meeting the authors of the works.


Piotr was an author of one of presented works, entitled "The Butterfly", capturing the promise of the hope in finding yourself and the possibility of choosing a life path on your own, regardless of various adversities.


Participants of the exhibitions were, among others, the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco authorities, represented by the provost, as well as representatives of the Education and Culture Department of Castelo Branco. The exhibition was a great success and positively received by the local society and media. The authors of other works were students from various parts of the world, including India, Portugal, Brazil and Poland.

Date | 2017

Status | Graphic Design / Exhibition - Completed

Role | The exhibition organiser and an author of included artworks

Location 1 | Cine-Teatro Avenida, Castelo Branco, Portugal

Location 2 | IFE PL, Lodz, Poland