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In the Soho Conservation District of London, this new construction affordable housing project consists of eight 2-bedroom apartments. Greek Street's existing three-story Georgian façade has been preserved, and two additional floors have been added to raise the structure to the same height as its neighbouring buildings. Balconies in each apartment have been enriched with doubly curved handmade balustrade, all apartments are "corridor-free" using the maximum of the available space and have a unique view over "Paraiso" a stainless-steel bust placed against a living green wall in the courtyard below that is shared with Ilona Rose House. The ground floor elevation on the back of the building is defined by custom "Wedgwood blue" tiles manufactured from moulds created out of 3D printed prototypes. The pattern of rose visible on those tiles is the same as the one covering almost the entire Ilona Rose House building. Together it is creating the courtyard’s unique character.


Photography by Fred Howarth.

London | UK            
Greek Street 






Soho Estates

1,250 sqm




* providing design services for MATT Architecture

  on RIBA Stage 3

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